Thank you for your interest in Pool & Landscape AZ.

Arizona is seeing unprecedented growth. That in turn affects the turnaround time for every pool builder, home builder, or any home improvement company for that matter. No matter who builds your new pool it has to be permitted by a city or county. And remember, they're not just approving permits for new pools but for all kinds of new home and home improvement companies. This means that it can take up to a month or even longer to get a permit. Frankly speaking, most of the pool builders in Arizona know each other and we're all doing the best that we can to keep up with demand. Some, like us, have decided to focus on the segment(s) of our business that we do best. For us that's new pools and their associated landscaping.

Why are we telling you this? We want to be as transparent and truthful as possible. We look forward to building your backyard oasis.

Tim Maas
Pool & Landscape AZ