New Pool & Backyard

Completely New In Ground Swimming Pool & Backyard

Travertine Decking • Spillway• All Glass Tile Pool

Project Details:

  • New travertine bullnose coping is installed on pool edge on top of bond beam.
  • Pool and Spa layout on the backyard dirt to start the project.
  • Excavation of pool and spa area.
    Forms are set for plumbing and shotcrete.
  • Plumb pool, set electric, tie steel and shoot shotcrete in pool and spa.
    Finish shotcrete around niches and fittings.
  • Shotcrete and bond beam set. Bond beam is 12” section of the pool wall.
  • Footers and posts are set for the AlumiWood pergola6x6” tumbled travertine tile is installed on raised spa wall.
  • Install Travertine Paver 3 piece Mini Versaille pattern. 6×6” 6×12” 12×12” scabos color.
  • All glass tile Pool Jewelz tile installed in pool and spa interior Rainbow Blue color.
  • Up close installation photos…final touches on pool and spa.

Project Location: Estrella Mountain Ranch, AZ 85353

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